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New ”Akai Tonko” 's CD will be released next year...!!(2012.01.11.WED)

Max Ophuls Film Festival in Saarbrucken, Germany
  Tonko got interview from the festival.(2011.01.20-22)
Asian cluture site "Kochipan" in France
  Mr.Dimitri interviewed Akai Tonko.(2011.01.11)
  ”AcousticA×Akai Tonko×Asako Nakata”(Interview)

Recording in Korea for 2 days
At Festival of Klon's University in Germany, Documentary "YUME" which TONKO was one of actresses was on screen.
  TONKO got the top rating.(2010.8.28)
Charity Event Activities

FRI 11th January 2012
One-man Liveshow
TONKO's Diner show and New CD's release
Details later
* On sale TONKO's Charm Strap
* Enjoy TONKO's liveshow with fantastic diner...!

FRI 11th Nobember 2011
One-man Liveshow
Revival TONKO's Secret LIVE!
Place : Space With
Showtime : 19:00-22:00
CHarge: Advence---3.500yen(including 1Drink)
  The day---4,000yen(including 1Drink)
* On sale TONKO's Poster (A1size)
 →There is a limit to the number of stocks, Please make a reservation for it.
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***Ticket reservation***

August 2011
Charity Liveshow at Kakegawa-Nursery home in Shizuoka

WED 25th May 2011
Charity Liveshow at Kakegawa Nursery home in Shizuoka

SAT 28th May 2011
Music Event「「Asako Nakata (Akai Tonko×AcousticA)」on stage
場所:Sasaduka BLUE-T in Tokyo
Showtime : Deatails later
*Ticket reservation

THU 28th April 2011
Asako Nakata×Akai Tonko×AcousticA
Place : ”Asakusa ZINC”
Guest:Kazuki Watanabe/Phillip David Hunter
SAT / 19th March 2011
Music Event「Akai Tonko」on stage
Place : Ikejiru-Ohashi Rocker Room ◆Cancelled because of Big earthquake on 11th March◆
Showtime : 20:00-20::0
Charge : 1500yen+500(1Drink)
*Ticket reservation

THU 10th February 2011
Music Event「AcousticA」on stage
Place : ”Iidabashi Space With

Music Event「AcousticA」on stage
Place : Ikejiri-Ohashi”Rocker room”
Time : 21:00-21:30

SUN 16th January ---Mon 24th January 2011
Germany, at SaarbrckenDocumantary "YUME"which TONKO is one of actresseson screen.
Date : 18th-24th January 2011
Event : Max Ophuls Festival in Saarbrcken
TONKO goes to Germany

Recorded "Tokyo Net Radio" Program
Personality : Yui Annaka http://ameblo.jp/the-life-map/(BLOG)
Program name:「Welcome to Yui's Bar」
on air one Tonko's Original song from her CD. Reading lyrics, TONKO's private talking etc...

SAT 18th December 2010
Music EVENT「Mizuho Nakadaira Presents『Mizuho's Wind of itme』Vol.03」
AcousticAon stage
OPEN17:45/START18:00 ※Showtime : 20:05~20:30
GUEST:Mizuho Nakadaira/AcousticA/RIVER REST/Aoi/Katsuko Ariyoshi/
MC:Mizuho Nakadaira/Mana Takayama
Charge : Advence1,500yen/the day1,800yen
First performance New "Christmas song"
SUN 21st Nobember 2010
Asako Nakata Presents「AcousticA」on stage
Place : Shinjuku TAKANOYA
Time : 21:20-(40min)

SUN 14th Nobember 2010
Live in Heart Presents
Place : Asagaya Next Sunday
Time : 21:20-(40min)

Charity Liveshow at Kakegawa Nursery home in Shizuoka
TUE 19th October
Time : 14:00-(40min) /15:00-(20min)

The end of August 2010
To Koln in Germany. Film Primiere at University~One song singing~Cancelled
On screen documentary "YUME" which TONKO is one of actresses.

SAT 31st July 2010
Charity Liveshow EVENT
Blood cancer forum in Tokyo

FRI 23rd July 2010
TONKO's Secret LIVE! JULY Iidabashi Space With
Last one-man liveshow in 2010
~TONKO 5th Anniversary!~
*Ticket reservation

TUE 29th June 2010
Charity Liveshow at Kakegawa Nursery home in Shizuoka

FRI 11th June 2010
TONKO's Secret LIVE! JUNE 東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
Guest:Asako Nakata / etc...

31st May -2nd June 2010/
recording in Korea

FRI 23rd April 2010
東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
 On sale New CD "Kanae Boshi" 
Guest Boogie the mach mortors
SUN 21st March 2010 Charity Liveshow at Shinjuku Relief Center 
FRI 26th February 2010
TONKO's Secret LIVE! FEBRUARY   東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
2WED 10th February 2010
Place : Space with
GUEST : Yoko Huruse / Akai Tonko / Private Noise Cafe
FRI 29th january 2010
TONKO's Secret LIVE!    東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
Guest:Asako Nakata / AcousticA/etc...
FRI 19th December 2009
VENUS LIVE VOL,6 Music EVENT~the Last in 2009~
Place : Space with
GUEST : Mizuho Nakadaira / Asako Nakata / Private noise cafe
FRI 20th Nobember 2009
Asako Nakata's Presents Asako's BIRTHDAY Event
Place : 1st stage Akasaka MOVE(4F)
   2nd stage Akasaka L@N(3F)
FRI 6th Nobember2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!    東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
GUEST; Asako Nakata
*Miho Nakamura(Cherist) on stage
L@N AWAY~Change your life~EVENT
Shotime : 19:55-20:10
Acoustic style
3 songs performance
First performance "Kanae bishi" with Miho Nakamura on Cherist.

FRI 9th October 2009
Bone-marrow bank co-sponsored Charity Liveshow
Place;Akasaka L@N
FRI 4th September 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!    東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
FRI 7th August 2009
Place; Space with
FRI 10th July 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!   東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
GUEST; AcousticA
FRI 3rd July 2009
Photoshoot for New CD
WED 17th June 2009
Shibuya O-East
Akasaka L@N Presents Event
"AcousticA" on stage
FRI 5th June 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!    東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
GUEST; LUUKA / AcousticA
The end of May 2009
Canceled because of the flu
Recording and Performance in Korea
SAT 9th May 2009
Sound Castle Presents
LUUKA Liveshow
GUEST : Akai Tonko
Place : MACHIDA Terminal Plaza
Charge : For Free
Asako Nakata Two-men Liveshow
Place : Wasted Time in Shibuya
GUEST : Akai Tonko WED 29th April 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!  東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
GUEST; AcousticA(20:30-21:00)
THU 23rd April 2009
Luuka's Presents "Live Cafe 2000 "
Place : Live Cafe 2000
GUEST : Akai Tonko
MON 13th April 2009
Photoshoot of AcousticA
Place;Tokyo Area
TUE 31st March 2009
Asako Nakata Presents
Place : 赤坂MOVE
Opening Act : AcousticA
SAT 14th March 2009
Luuka&Tonko Presents
Co-suponsored by TOKYU COMMUNITY CORP.
Place : MACHIDA Terminal Plaza
Charge : For free
FRI 13th March 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!   東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
Collaboration with Guitarist;Kattin
TUE 3rd March 2009
Himika Natsume Presents
THU 26th February 2009
LUUKA Presents
Place : Live Cafe2000
SAT 7th February 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!   東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
Place; Space with
GUEST : Phillip Hunter q-eye with GUCCI
On sale New CD which recorded in Basel, Switzerland.
THU 29th January 2009
LUUKA Presents
Place : Live Cafe2000
Showtime : (1Stage:TONKO /2nd Stage:Luuka&TONKO / 3rd Stage:Luuka)
FRI 9th January 2009
TONKO's Secret LIVE!   東京飯田橋のライブハウス スペースウィズ
GUEST : q-eye(with GUCCI) / Luuka / Asako Nakata
FRI 25th December 2008
Christmas Music Event
Place : Roppongi Brave Bar
GUEST : DOME(sweet voice) / AkaiTonko(Angel voice)


▼CHARITY Liveshow Information▼

Charity CD released on 28th April
All sales of this CD will be donated to Japanese Red Cross
TOHOKU Area in Japan

* If you request for selling this CD on delivery(Only in Japan), 3 CDs is Minimum, and it is cash on delivery.
Please disregard it

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

■August 2011■
■WED 25th May 2011■
Kakegawa Nursery Home 1st stage / 2nd stage
~Sing together!~

Official website

 ■THU 17th February 2011br>  Special Kakegawa Nursery Home in Shizuoka

 ■TUE 19th October 2010
 Special Kakegawa Nursery Home in Shizuoka

 ■SAT 31st July 2010
 Blood cancer Forum in Tokyo
 "IZUMI no KAI"~Forum Details

 ■TUE 29th June 2010
 Special Kakegawa Nursery Home in Shizuoka

 ■SUN 21st March 2010
 Charity Liveshow at Shinjuku Relief Center
 Place : Shinjuku Relief Center

 ■MON 9th December 2009 Special Kakegawa Nursery Home in Shizuoka -Canceled-

 ■MON 19th October
 Special Kakegawa Nursery Home in Shizuoka
 1st stage / 2nd Stage

 ■FRI 9th October 2009 at Akasaka L@N Charity Liveshow
Co- suponsored by Bone marrow bank

◆Offer to Charity Liveshow◆
Please don't hasitate to contact to me.→ Here

Since she came back to Japan from USA and Europe in Nobember 2008,
She tried to make a plan about charity activity in Japan.

Akai Tonko's first CD was released by TOSHIBA-EMI Japan on 6th July 2005,
She won popular at the time
with her sweet pure voice and her fantastic personarity,
from home and abroard, they have told that she has ”Heart of gold”,
She had great fans from children to elderly people.

Song has always helped her with her so many tragedy.

"What I can do now is...that
I repay to society with song which always helped me since I was born,
and I would like to heal people's heart as much as I can,
and give them relaxed and happy feeling and sweet love to live
in thier everyday."
.....Akai Tonko....

In her past, she sang a song in Switzerland, Germany, France, Usa,and China,
and her some of her fans told that, after her liveshow,
they came home with her CD which they bought in her liveshow,and then...

『My daughter had been always, like everyday stuck in her room all alone
because of autism
but after listening to her CD, and then she started to talked to her mother...
"I wanna go outside, mom!""Mom, I wanna go to school"
suddenly changed and something was happened to her, It was unbelievable...
Thank you so so much for her CD, really. I appreciate her indeed.』
they told us like same stories with this.

She got so many such a kind of emails and they would love to come back to sing a song in their place anytime.

Other thing, She did a coorporation to spread out more Japanese culture to let them know how it is at private school in Germany.

After her coming back to Japan, she, off course, performs her liveshows and songwriting, recording as well but
decided to sing a song for elder people and people who has handicap to heal them heart and give them much power to live more, willingly goes charity liveshow as much as possible in her life.

Her warm and innocent voice makes you heart pure…
That's "Akai Tonko" called "Angel voice".

We would love you to experience Akai Tonko's music world.

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She wants to help many people with her songs...
That's her dream.

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